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Interior Highlights

Property photography in general is a long loved passion of mine! Our clients in this service usually want to sell their homes or present their property in magazines, flyers or online applications.

We use a Cannon EOS 80D camera with an EFS 18-55mm, EFS 10-18mm and EFS 55-250 zoom lens. 

With our trained eye for quality unlike the picture to the left, is of a very beautiful upgraded commercial / residential loft. The photographer wanted to show this picture with a bed unmade and comforter wrinkled. The time of day is also critical due to the sun glare showing through the rear glass doors.

Interior Highlights

The beautiful picture of this custom kitchen to the left is flawless with the exception of one issue... Can you notice what the issue is? There is a burned out light bulb under the cabinet! We are calling these items out so you can see that with a trained eye, small items make a big difference in the quality of the perfect picture that you can share with your clients.


When we get called out on a photo shoot, we do ask that the areas within the photo shoot be organized in such a way so we can provide quality pictures for our clients. We can help in this area but we are limited and not able to move items of furniture or clutter due to insurance restraints.

Arial Highlights

Each of our photo shoots will include both front & rear low altitude 40' - 100' drone shots of the residence.

Our drones are DJI Mavic Pro with a 4k video camera mounted on vibration proof ultra-precise 3-axis gimbal mount that stabilizes the camera in flight for perfect pictures. Records 4K video at 24, 25, or 30 frames per second with a wide, 78° field of view.


Our rates for photo shoots vary depending on the size of the residence and what our clients' needs are.

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