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Site Preparation,

ADA Accessibility

Site Preparation on a new or existing building, it is most common to address the site space around the ADA Accessibility first. ADA parking spaces, ADA Path of travel, ADA Interior environment is all part of addressing ADA concerns.

Anytime an existing building is updated, changed, altered, constructed, etc. the ADA Accessibility will also need to be updated per the current ADA building code.

Parking for one ADA van is required for all commercial buildings and additional ADA parking spaces depends on the occupant load of the building. items like Drinking fountains, countertops, phones, exit signs, door swings, door widths, isle widths, ramps, etc. at the interior of the building will be addressed for current ADA Accessibility building code.


There is too much to list here but please feel free to contact us so we can come by your building and discuss in more detail the proper procedure.

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ADA, Site & Interior Environment

The ability for all people with handicap needs must be able to get in all areas of the building with only a few exceptions.

The Commercial Environment of a building Inspection is a very complex inspection and includes items like door swings, path of travel, restrooms, utilities, fire extinguisher, overhead doors, and many other items also included with our home inspection.


The commercial inspection will require us to meet with our client at the inspection location to best discuss our procedure.

General Building Inspections

Our commercial inspections will include parking garages, floor bye floor, including sub floor and ceiling open areas between floors, to the roof system and mechanical appliances.


For safety concerns the inspection of the exterior of the building beyond the first floor will be inspected by our drone using a 4g camera for extreme clarity.

Time restraints for commercial inspections typically take between 1-2 days depending on the size. Pricing will be by each square feet and will estimated at the time we start the inspection. Please call for more details about our Commercial inspections.

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