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New Foundation Construction

Our new construction inspections are done a little different from any other inspection! For this service we prefer a sit down meeting with the property owner (our client) to discuss and review their project.


At that time we will discuss our procedures and what our services include. With this type of inspection we would like to be present on the job 2 - 3 hours daily until the construction ends, especially just before & after site preparation, foundation framing, placement of all conduit & sewer Lines, compaction of soil, placement of vapor barrier, placement of steel, pouring of concrete, and placement of anchor bolts, hold downs and finishing of concrete.

It is so critical that with the placement of concrete, the slump (water content) is correct as specified by the engineer as per plan. Rebar steel sizing and steel splicing, steel spacing's are correct and per plan by the engineer.


We will be checking plans and verifying that construction meets plan specifications and we will be in constant contact with the owner, engineer, super attendant, foreman, and building official as an agent of the property owner. We will be providing our client with a written report at the time of each finished phase of construction (site preparation, foundation, framing, finish).

Service Coming Soon

New Framing Construction

Once the framing phase of construction begins, our guidelines for time spent on the job will be in line with the foundation inspections above.

Being on the job during the framing phase of construction, we will verify that the framing is built per plan and per engineer's recommendations. Items like doors, door framing, windows, window framing, weather barrier, Member sizing, spacing, floor, roof ply, roof nailing, roof material, nailing patterns on sheer wall, Simpson strong tie A34 & A35, strong tie H2.5A, Hurricane tie, strong tie TP35 tie plate, strong tie 66T, column caps, post base and caps, MST tie straps, joist hangers, heavy tension tie, etc. are all part of the items that will be verified daily.


Any items that are not installed per plan will be brought to the attention of the Property Owner (our client), Engineer, Super Attendant, Building Official immediately throughout all phases of construction and all corrections will be verified. Our role will be as an agent for the Owner.

Finished Construction

Once the finished Construction phase of construction begins, our guidelines for time spent on the job will be in line with the two services above.

The finished construction will include items like floor coverings, cabinets, counters tops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, mechanical appliances, wall coverings, bathroom finishes, kitchen appliances, specialty finished carpentry, etc.

At the same time we will also inspect the finishing of the grounds like drainage, drains, shrubs, trees, masonry walls, fences, patio's, decks, placing of all concrete, etc.

When the construction is finished, we will meet with our client and provide all completed inspection reports during each phase and verify that a "certificate of occupancy" has been issued through the local building department.

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