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Grounds Inspection

With our ability to recognize, due to having the experience and knowledge of what a minor discrepancy defect is verses a catastrophic defect is and knowing how to word these two differences in a report could be a critical factor in the sale and a client's well-being. At the start of an inspection, (just to name a few) we usually start with the grounds around the structures, even with-in the property lines. First making sure the slope drainage is in good condition and draining properly, we check that the walkways don't have any trip hazards, making sure foundations do not have severe cracking, and that the soil is not decaying that could lead to severe structural damage. We check that the trees, roots and shrubs are not touching the house, checking that the structure is clear of water damage and stucco decay, insects, termites, checking the condition of the sprinklers, pool equipment, fences, Gates, rodents, Exterior electrical conduit and electrical boxes are properly secure, etc.

Exterior Inspection

Once we start with the exterior inspection of the residence we will be checking for items such as Stucco condition, condition of the siding, stone, wood, stucco and making sure all penetrations are screened, sealed and secure. The condition of exterior doors and windows, checking for air / water leaks, eves and roof rafters. Condition of electrical conduit and panel access and condition of breakers, etc.

Inspect roof conditions, ridge, valleys, vents, flashing, shingles, tiles, eves, gutters and downspouts.

interior Inspection

Once we start with the Interior inspection of the residence we will be checking items such as appliances, wall coverings and cracking, wall straightness, flooring and floor leveling, structural supports, columns, fireplace, doors, windows, air flow from appliances, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, bathroom conditions and water damage, electrical receptacles and wiring configuration, lighting, cabinet and countertops, etc. at the end of each home inspection we will provide our clients with (2) reports, one will be a full report and one will be a discrepancy report for our clients quick review.

Included Specialized Testing:

Thermal Imaging, Termite Inspections

Additional Specialized Testing:

Mold, Radon, lead inspections can be included in your inspection for an affordable additional fee.

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