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Property Investigation

Tax Assessor Square Footage Corrections

We provided this service for many of our clients throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties in CA, because back in the early  days and even up to early 70's, Tax assessor's did not have the precise tools we have today for measuring a buildings square footage! We can get this down to with-in a fraction of an inch today! And that could save a homeowner thousands of dollars in taxes with the tax department or when buying and selling real estate in today's market.


Of course with this new technology and the use of these precision tools your results can also lead to finding out that your buildings Square Footage is reported on public record as being less than what is actually noted in the field. Not that we have to turn the results in to the tax assessor, we don't but it best to do so for any future accuracy.


Illegal Building Permitting

We also provide this service for our clients that have had their structures built without pulling the proper permits at the time of construction. If a client built a home 20 years ago and decides to get it permitted 20 years after they have built it because they decide to sell! The structure would have to be upgraded to meet current building codes such as shear walls, hold downs, anchor bolts, etc. We can do this by creating an in house building set of plans that is per current building codes to reflect the upgrades and changes we would have to make and install on the structure to meet these current building codes.

For more information about these services please call us (345) 375-9221 or visit our California web site at

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