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Arial Drone Inspections

Our drones are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration #FA39F94CYP and follow strict guidelines.

Our drones are DJI Mavic Pro with a 4k video camera mounted on vibration proof ultra-precise 3-axis gimbal mount that stabilizes the camera in flight for perfect pictures. Records 4K video at 24, 25, or 30 frames per second with a wide, 78° field of view.

With our drone video photography we supply our clients with:

1. Inspections, (residential and commercial)

2. Aerial photography up to 400 feet

3. Construction site surveying and mapping

4. Movie footage, commercial advertisements

5. Search & Rescue

Residential Roof Inspections

Drone inspections are ideal for clay tile roofs that are difficult to walk on without breaking the tiles. Our drones are capable to reach all areas of the roof and parts of the roofs that are inaccessible by foot.

We have the ability to download our pictures immediately from the drone and put them directly into the inspection software for an instant report.

Drone roof inspections can take 1-2 hours to complete including set up. We do not charge for roof inspections if the roof is part of the home inspection however roof inspections alone will be charged between $75 - $150 depending on the size or complexity of the roof structure.

Commercial Building Inspections

Commercial tall building inspections, at the exterior of the building we use a drone to complete a floor by floor inspection, checking items like, condition of the glass panels, panel molding, siding, clips, caps, flashing, etc. once we get to the roof we inspect parapet walls, flashing caps, caulking and sealing, etc..


Our fee for exterior commercial inspections are by square footage of the area (length x height x .15) per each side of the building. Interior of the building will be estimated by (width x length x .15).

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