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I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California.  I’ve always had a great love for aviation and hiking/backpacking.  The majority of my backpacking hikes were in Sierra Nevada Mountains while attending school and working.  I decided to enter into the designing side of construction after working a number of years as a journeyman electrician, mason, framer, and plumber.  I continued my education and worked as a structural designer/project manager for a structural engineering firm in Thousand Oaks.  I learned a great deal about the skeleton designs of a building envelope. Designed and put together many structural drawings for engineer’s, architects and contractors for submission to the Building Department. Performing structural observations in this way elevated my knowledge to exciting new heights.


I opened my own building design business in 2000.  Malone Designs & Construction Management is still operational throughout the State of California today.  Over the course of 19 years, we have designed hundreds of buildings and inspected thousands of beautiful homes as well as businesses.  I decided to relocate my family to beautiful Saint George while continuing my business in California with the help of our management team.


Running my own business has taught me that honesty, customer satisfaction, loyalty, professionalism at an honest affordable rate is the best way to grow a business into a very successful enterprise.


No extra charges, surcharges or hidden rates!  Our services are flat rate charges and you will NEVER see any strategic trickery from us.  You will always know what you'll be charged.

We offer 5 services – 2 of which require licensing (New Construction Inspections and Commercial Inspections).  I am a licensed General Contractor in the State of California.  CSLB #993005 and our Utah General Contracting License is currently pending approval. 

Our home inspection is a flat rate service.  This includes a roof drone inspection if inaccessible by foot and floor crawl space at no extra charge.  Accessory buildings within the same property lines will also be included and added to the total square footage.

Our rates depend on the square footage of each residential structure.


Example for Residential:

400 sq. ft. = $60.00

600 sq. ft. = $90.00

800 sq. ft. = $120.00

1,000 sq. ft. = $150.00

1,200 sq. ft. = $180.00

1,400 sq. ft. = $210.00

1,600 sq. ft. = $240.00

1,800 sq. ft. = $270.00

2,000 sq. ft. = $300.00

2,200 sq. ft. = $330.00

2,400 sq. ft. = $360.00

2,600 sq. ft. = $390.00

2,800 sq. ft. = $420.00

3,000 sq. ft. = $450.00

3,200 sq. ft. = $480.00

3,400 sq. ft. = $510.00

3,600 sq. ft. = $540.00

3,800 sq. ft. = $570.00

4,000 sq. ft. = $600.00

4,200 sq. ft. = $630.00

4,400 sq. ft. = $660.00

4,600 sq. ft. = $690.00

4,800 sq. ft. = $720.00

5,000 sq. ft. = $750.00

Our rates in commercial properties depend on the square footage of each building.


Example for Commercial:

1,000 sq. ft. = $150.00

2,000 sq. ft. = $300.00

3,000 sq. ft. = $450.00

4,000 sq. ft. = $600.00

5,000 sq. ft. = $750.00

6,000 sq. ft. = $900.00

7,000 sq. ft. = $1,050.00

8,000 sq. ft. = $1,200.00

9,000 sq. ft. = $1,350.00

10,000 sq. ft. = $1,500.00

11,000 sq. ft. = $1,650.00


Our Services

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Property Investigation

New Construction Inspections

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Home Inspections

Commercial Inspections

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